Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can I install these solar panels myself?

Sure, no problem. It takes about 90 minutes to put together one of our panels. If it sits in the yard, it is not a complicated installation. Click here to see some drawings. You would have to be handy with sweating copper and some minor electrical work. You should have an electrician or plumber inspect your work if you have any doubts. If they go on your roof, then I would recommend a roofing expert and plumber to get the panels up there and plumbed to your equipment room. There is still a 3 year product warranty if you install our panels, or 10 years if we do it, or one of our installers in your area. Expected life span of our panels are 25-35 years.
A  $ 4,000 investment in Solar Thermal “ heat pipe” Evacuated Tubes will return over $40,000 in system savings of the expected system lifespan, considering inflation of fossil fuels.

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