Sunday, June 21, 2009

Apples To Oranges ?

With the growing industry of Solar Thermal Products, a lot of products are hitting the market that are not built correctly, efficient, tested, or certified by the SRCC. As much as 60% Federal and State Tax Credits are given in some areas for qualified Solar Thermal Systems. That along would save you several thousand dollars in costs. But the panels must be SRCC rated for the any tax credits.

In your shopping, you will find simple Flat Plat Solar Collectors, or Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors for sale within your local area.  Some Evac Tube panels are sold as Evacuated Tube Collectors but are actually the less efficient Evacuated U-Tube collectors and not Evacuated “Heat-Pipe” Solar Collectors. 

When comparing Flat Panels to Evacuated Tube “heat pipe” panels, your earthly solar location is important. Flat panels are less efficient in cold weather in areas with temps near and below freezing. Be aware of your needs.

It is important that you ask for SRCC certification. Some lower quality Solar Thermal Panels are out there. Look at the specific panel SRCC heat rating on their certificate and compare heat output. Our 30 tube panel is rated for over 46,000 Btu on a sunny day, for only 30 Sq Ft of Solar Aperture. Your Federal and State Tax Credits credits to you depend on the certification.

Our Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal Panels and Flat Plate Panels have met all the SRCC requirements and rated to be installed  as a quality product able to produce extreme amounts of Solar Energy for our customers, reduce their carbon footprints, and reduce their fossil fuel expenses.
Back to the basics… compare apples to oranges when picking solar thermal panels. Get expert advice and design.

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