Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can I heat my swimming pool or spa with solar panels?

YES--- Solar can be used efficiently to supplement the pool or hot tub water with a heat exchanger. Simply put, when the Sun comes out, the panels turn on, and the heat passes thru a heat exchanger with your pool pump water flowing. The pool temp will rise slowly based on many situations such as wind, air temp...etc. 

There is a lot of heat loss from the pool or tub water surface but our Solar Thermal “heat pipe” Evacuated Tube Panels will produce heat reliably and daily to reduce your pool/spa heating fuels. 

Here is a project with pool heating, DHW, and floor heat with two 25 tube panels. Savings of 200 Therms per year, about $550. Project cost $4,200
Installed Collector Power: 16.38 kBtu/hr
Installed Gross Solar Surface Area: 73.84 sq.ft
Collector Surface Area Irradiation (Active Surface): 24.12 MBtu 598.74 kBtu/sq.ft
Energy Produced by Collectors: 15.25 MBtu 378.58 kBtu/sq.ft
Energy Produced by Collector Loop: 13.45 MBtu 333.84 kBtu/sq.ft
DHW Heating Energy Supply: 209.93 kBtu
Space Heating Energy Supply: 10.01 MBtu
Solar Contribution to DHW: 2857.32 kBtu
Solar Contribution to Heating: 5.64 MBtu
Energy Swimming Pool Solar System: 4.95 MBtu
Energy from Auxiliary Heating: 34.52 MBtu
Natural Gas (H) Savings: 19,570 cu.ft
Natural Gas (H) Savings: 197.75 therm
CO2 Emissions Avoided: 2,583.53 lbs
DHW Solar Fraction: 63.1 %
Swimming Pool Solar Fraction: 14.8 %
Total Solar Fraction: 28.0 %
System Efficiency: 55.8 %

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