Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can Solar Water Heaters be used for large scale hot water production?

Yes. Our Solar Thermal Collectors can be added in series or parallel to provide additional water heating capacity as needed. This is particularly effective for schools, apartments, resorts, hotels, offices, and other larger buildings. In reality, there is no limit to the amount of hot water our Solar Collectors can produce – simply increase the number of collectors as the hot water demand increases.

In a nut-shell, so to speak, mid-country on the average, one 30 tube panel ($1,500 ) will produce about $250-$300 in energy savings per year and sufficient for a family of 3 for DHW. For additional house heating, you might need up to 4 panels. The savings would then then be at least $ 1,000 per year. 
Regardless of the size of the system, commercial or residential, the payback will always be 5-8 years, good for at least 25-35 years. Please visit our system design web site to get started.  

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