Saturday, May 23, 2009

How long will it take to recoup my investment?

Our Solar Thermal Panels are much more affordable than most other Solar Water Heaters available on the market today. For a household of 4, it may not be much more than the cost of a new gas or electric heating system. Depending on your location, solar insolation, weather and current hot water use, the annual gas, oil, or electric savings will vary. However, in a normal household that spends 30% of its annual electric bill on water heating, the full cost of the purchase may be recouped as quickly as 4-5 years. We can design your entire system for your use if desired, and that includes a $300 credit towards the purchase of any of our Evacuated Tube Panels. There is little doubt that you will save tens of thousands of dollars, or more, over the lifetime of our Solar Water Heater, Solar House Heating systems.

For a savings of just $600 per year,  an average family of four with a complete installation cost of $4,700:
Payback Period Calculation Chart:
Year Annual Fuel Savings(with 10% fossil fuel price increases)
Remaining System Cost
Year 1 $600.00 $4,108.00
Year 2 $660.00 $3,448.00
Year3 $726.00 $2,722.00
Year 4 $798.00 $1,924.00
Year 5
Year 6

After the 6th year, the original $600 you were saving is now over $ 1,000 per year saved on your DHW heating bills.

You will have doubled your original investment in year 9.

In 16 years you will have saved over $ 17,000.

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