Saturday, May 23, 2009

What happens if one of my Evacuated Tubes is broken?

A non-event.  This is a simple fix. The tubes will not break for weather issues, but a baseball, rock, or falling meteor will win the battle. A broken tube will not affect the working panel other than reduce the complete Btu panel output by 243 Btu’s.  When ready, you simply slide the old tube out and slide in the new one. About a $ 25 cost. 
The panels’s working heat transfer fluid continues to operate normally with these “Heat Pipe” Panels. With our SRCC and international Keymark certification and ratings, our solar evacuated tubes were tested over a 30 day period with extreme heating of over 450 F, shock tested, stress tested, pressure tested, and impact tested. Various size ball bearings were dropped from 32 feet and did not break the glass tubes...laying flat.

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